Dumping via text

I didn’t really need a second helping of guilt after yesterday morning’s biscuit drama, but today’s dream gave me a generous top-up.

Today I dreamt that I had met one of the dancers from Strictly Come Dancing (Kevin from Grimsby if you really want to know, although in the dream he was just a regular bloke), and we decided to get together. However, there was the issue of my boyfriend. After much emotional wrangling, I decided to ditch my boyfriend in favour of the rather lovely Kevin. So I sent a long text message to my boyfriend explaining that I was ending things because I wanted to be with Kevin instead. Text sent, I dashed off on a yacht with Kevin and enjoyed a delicious dinner.

What was particularly awful was that I only felt a few pangs of guilt. I checked my phone once or twice, wondering if my (now ex) boyfriend had replied, and then continued sunbathing on the yacht and toasting my new-found happiness with Kevin. Heartless!

Needless to say, I woke up afterwards feeling a bit weird and hideously guilty. The fact that I broke up with my boyfriend is, on its own, very distressing, but that fact that I did it with a text makes it even worse. Surely only teenagers or people with a complete absence of empathy do that? Does dreaming that I did these things make me, deep-down, a horrible person?

It’s now lunchtime and I still feel groggy/queer about the whole thing. Time for some analysis!

From what I have managed to gather together, switching my boyfriend for a new model isn’t necessarily spelling dire things for my relationship. Rather, it could indicate things moving up a level.

However, I have to wonder whether this stems from the two of us being quizzed on marriage last night. (We’re on the right side of 25 and marriage is DEFINITELY NOT on the cards!) Dreaming that I broke up with my boyfriend to be with someone new could indicate that I am reluctant to develop the relationship further and would prefer to start afresh with someone else where there isn’t the expectation of imminent wedding bells.

The image of the yacht featured heavily in my dream, so I looked that up as well. The results are interesting. Apparently, a yacht symbolises wealth and luxury, and it suggests that I am looking to devote more time to recreational pursuits and a life free of worry. Well, don’t we all want that?

However, when I combine this apparent desire for relaxation and pleasure with a break up with my boyfriend, things don’t look so rosy. I am not really sure where this comes from, as I think that I am happy at the moment. I won’t let a dream worry me unneccessarily, but maybe I do need to make some more time for myself and have some fun. I think I will also steer clear of any more interrogations about the future with my boyfriend. My brain is clearly telling me to have some fun and not worry too much about the future. Seems fair enough to me!


About mawryth

I'm a twenty-something redhead living in Norfolk dreaming strange dreams about life, the future, and the occasional giant lizard or crazed skeleton.
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